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deep carpet cleaning
pulls out stubborn dirt, allergens and toxic residue
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Carpet Cleaning

Your carpets were originally purchased to be utilitarian pieces in your home or office. It makes sense, then, that they are used and that their value is depreciated with the onset of years.

After all, family gatherings, kid sleepovers, Sunday football BBQ, Oscar night, and just life in general are all the perfect ingredients to turn a beautiful and sturdy carpet into a dilapidated series of loosely tied fibers together.

Quick, Easy, Professional, Guaranteed

Seattle Carpet Cleaning has been in the cleaning industry for years and has yet to meet a challenge we cannot overcome. Our carpet cleaning services are high tech with even higher results. Our steam cleaning machines, which are either truck mounted or portable, succeed where your vacuum fails. In other words, our machines are able to get to the very bottom of your carpet fiber, where many allergens and soils lock themselves into place. Our technicians will work out these stubborn pathogens, cleanse your carpet, AND extract the existing moisture in the quickest, quietest, and most efficient manner.

Stain Removal

Our cleaning processes necessarily removes many common, and not so common, carpet stains. Some stains might require a little more elbow grease than others, but that's not a problem, all of our technicians are trained to work with their machines as well as their hands. To make a customer a lifelong customer and friend, it's just one of the many extras we're all too happy dole out.

Wet Or Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning carpet is very similar to dry cleaning clothes in that the cleaning is done with very low moisture, if at all. We use dry cleaning on relatively or recently cleaned carpets to freshen them up in general or, very often, before a formal occasion.

Deep cleaning is accomplished by using more moisture, which is why carpet cleaning dry times last a few hours. This steam cleaning method, also known as the hot water method, gets at every single inch of your carpet and leaves no stain or dander bit behind. Your carpets will never, ever be as clean as they are right after a Seattle Carpet Cleaning steam cleaning treatment.

Carpet cleaning benefits the whole family's health by protecting your breathing air. Call Seattle Carpet Cleaning at 206-219-3723 for a free estimate on all your residential, industrial and commercial carpet cleaning requirements.

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