Water Damage Restoration

24/7 Emergency Service

After a flood ends, the real water damage restoration process begins. The first and secondary effects of water damage require direct and immediate attention focusing on the removal of water, the salvaging of possessions, and sanitation.

The Aftermath

After a flood or even an extreme leak, many of your expensive home or office basics will need to be either repaired or replaced. Seattle Carpet Cleaning's team of expert cleaning technicians will get to work straight away on removing items from your home for evaluation. Items, such as carpets and furniture, which will surely have undergone damage, will be treated on the spot with water extraction, drying, and humidification. Your building's inner and outer structural body will also likely hold water which must be extracted in order to avoid the risk of secondary damage.

Secondary Damage

Secondary damage is also a risk we aim to prevent by sanitizing the whole affected space. Various bacteria, such as fungus, molds, and mildews, are easily formed and spread in moist conditions, therefore drying and dehumidification will be required.

Our Services Include:

  • Emergency debris and disposal
  • Water extraction
  • State of the art industrial drying fans and dehumidifiers
  • Drying and restoration of carpets, rugs, mat, floors, walls, rugs, upholstery, etc.
  • 24/7 service
  • Direct communication with insurance company of your choice
  • Case specific services

To get started on your first and secondary water damage restoration, call us now: Seattle Carpet Cleaning at 206-219-3723

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